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As a training professional, you continually face the challenge to deliver mission-critical training to more people, more often. How can you increase the availability and effectiveness of your training programs while simultaneously decreasing program costs?

GoToTraining Overview

GoToTraining is used by Trainers to deliver interactive online training to employees, partners and customers anywhere, any time. Trainers can use robust, training-specific functionality to deliver a rich, engaging classroom experience and:

  • Maximize training effectiveness with a full complement of testing features, threaded Q&A, breakout rooms, and the ability to bring in multiple trainers from different locations.

  • Connect remote learners to applications and hardware simulations-anytime, anywhere-with the click of a mouse.

  • Record full screen, live, online training sessions for reuse and review.

  • Simplify registration and easily track attendance

  • Create revenue-generating programs with self-service registration and payments.

Many leading organizations use GoTo Training to increase training productivity, extend training reach, improve delivery, and stretch training resources.

The results: better trained employees, improved partner and customer relationships, and reduced costs.




Boost engagement in small groups.


Get detailed lists of session attendance, registration, test results and evaluations.


Send emails after your class and reward your attendees when they finish.

Email Invitations

Spread the word by sharing your GoToTraining invitations through email and social media.

RevStream Payment Processing

Charge for your courses and manage your registrants' payments and refunds through PayPal integration.


Record your training and upload to the cloud for viewing on any device.


Exchange messages individually or with everyone.

Hand Raising

Attendees can signal when they need to ask a question.


Use tests to see what attendees know before the session and evaluate their retention during the session and afterwards.

Mobile Training

Attendees can join training sessions from their iPhone, iPad or Android device.


Get immediate feedback from your attendees.

Desktop / Application / Whiteboard Sharing

Broadcast a view of your desktop or a specific application to attendees and also an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time. It’s like your attendees are standing right there!

Full-Service Registration

Capture information and add expanded fields and custom questions.

Content Library

Organise and store reusable content, such as training materials, tests and recordings.


Why GoToTraining?

It’s a Leader in the Space

How do you choose a product when there are a number of competing products with similar offerings? One way is to compare features. Another way to quickly shrink your shortlist is to check what neutral third-party research firms say is a safe investment.

It Really Drives Up Engagement

According to the State of Online Training, the biggest challenge trainers face is “student engagement and classroom management.”

There are a number of ways to increase engagement. Take a step back and think about how you would increase engagement if you were training in an actual classroom.

  • You would ask questions and take a poll of students.
  • You’d probably like if students were able to raise their hands and ask questions.
  • You’d create smaller groups.
  • You’d like to be able to share material.

GoToTraining can give you the ability to do all of that

In addition, a tool like GoToTraining offers you some features you wouldn’t be able to get in a real classroom. For example: The ability to check if students are paying attention. In a real classroom, you can’t really see what a student is looking at on their desks but using GoToTraining software, you can tell if, for example, your students have switched tabs to watch a movie.

Using GoToTraining, you can also offer training on mobile, broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share updates in real time, create a content library for users, and record an unlimited number of sessions!

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